Mega church pastors list

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Mega church pastors list

Adapted from the description provided by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. There are nearly 1, megachurches in the United States, in addition to many more located throughout the world.

Attendance at U. The largest megachurches however are located abroad, with the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea averagingin weekly attendanceincluding satellite campuses. In California, there are megachurches, comprising a total attendance of abouteach week. The largest megachurch in the state is Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, with over 22, regularly attending weekly worship services.

While size is what most observers—whether researchers, journalists or attenders—note as the defining characteristic of these congregations, megachurches in the United States also share many other traits.

For example, almost all megachurches have a conservative theology, even those within mainline denominations, and most identify as evangelical. Many are nondenominational churches but the majority are affiliated with a denomination, although often those who attend thse churches are unaware of their denominational affiliation.

Over seventy percent of megachurches are located in the southern Sunbelt of the United States, with Texas, Florida and Georgia, as well as California, having the highest concentrations. Further, most megachurches are located in suburban areas of rapidly growing sprawl cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Phoenix and Seattle.

As this suburban location might suggest, a significant number of megachurches occupy prominent land tracts of up to acres that are near major highways and which include large parking lots to accommodate the large number of commuting worshipers.

In fact, in some cases these parking lots are so large, the church utilizes a shuttle system to get worshipers from their cars to the sanctuary, and at the close of services, often need to employ local police for traffic control as the hundreds of cars exit the parking lots and enter the nearby roadways. Megachurches also house many social, recreational, and outreach ministries.

These, in addition to other intentional efforts, such as home fellowships and interest-based small groups, are intended to overcome the potential anonymity of the large congregation and to enhance the feeling of community belonging among members. Contrary to expectations, these congregations promote intense personal commitment in a majority of their members, but they also contain a large percentage of attenders who remain anonymous and removed from deeper participation in the congregation.

Megachurches tend to grow to their great size within a very short period of time, usually in less than ten years, and under the tenure of a single senior pastor. Nearly all megachurch pastors are male, and are viewed as having considerable personal charisma.

The senior minister often has an authoritative style of preaching and administration and is nearly always the singular dominant leader of the church. Supporting these senior pastors are teams of 5 to 25 associate ministers, and often hundreds of full-time staff. Few megachurches have been exceptionally large for longer than the tenure of their current minister.

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Evidence suggests, however, that these churches can remain vital following a shift in leadership from the founder to his successor. Although some researchers have argued that the megachurch era is coming to a close and that megachurches are in decline, the total number has actually increased from into the current 1, megachurches in the U.

In sum, megachurches have shown an amazing ability to adapt to changing cultural tastes of their publics, always offering something that appeals to a broad swath of the Christian community. For more data and resources on megachurches in North America, visit the Hartford Institute for Religion Research site, which includes a database of all megachurches in the U.

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For an excellent description and analysis of the current state of megachurches, read the book Beyond Megachurch Myths by Scott Thumma and Dave Travis. Interactive Map of California Megachurches: Your browser does not support iframes!

mega church pastors list

Additional Resources: For more data and resources on megachurches in North America, visit the Hartford Institute for Religion Research site, which includes a database of all megachurches in the U. Related Recent. Deseret News interviewed Richard Flory on the allure of celebrity Christians. The s was a decade of change, and we see the s as reminiscent of the cultural flux of that period.

When people think of the s, many imagine a golden era Young Christian entrepreneurs are bringing an Instagram aesthetic to the Bible.

Alabaster Co.Among all of the showbiz and glamor, a few preachers have lost their way and become embroiled in scandal. Men like Jimmy Swaggert, whose tearful confession has become infamous, and Ted Haggard, whose anti-gay sermons were rapidly discredited when it became clear that he had employed the services of a male escort, are some of the more well-known preachers to fall from grace.

This list aims to bring your attention to a few more people whose hypocrisy outshone their message. He cohosted The PTL Club with his wife for several years, interviewing several prominent faces in the Christian community in addition to raking in cash from his thousands of loyal followers.

Behind his message hid a dark secret that was revealed in Bakker ended up serving time in jail for the crime, and his marriage ended soon after, amid mudslinging from both sides.

He never regained the level of prominence that he had enjoyed before Kent Hovind is part of the Young Earth creationist movement and has regularly spoken out about evolution and several other scientific subjects, urging his followers to instead believe his creationist ideas as an alternative.

The dinosaur-themed park was another avenue for him to espouse his creationist viewpoint. Unfortunately for Hovind, he also had some fairly pronounced beliefs regarding taxation, specifically that his ministry and his theme park did not have to pay federal income tax. Hovind was arrested and found guilty of a staggering 58 charges relating to various tax issues and other financial crimes.

Inhe was sentenced to 10 years in jailand his theme park was forced to close down. Some contend that Hovind was unfairly jailed or at least has been kept locked up for longer than he deserves. Hovind, for his part, seems happy to dedicate his time to conspiracy theories while he waits for his release. Robert Tilton was, at one time, one of the most famous names in televangelism. He claimed he would then use his special connection to God to personally pray over the requests and increase the chance of the prayer being answered, assuming a little bit of money was sent in alongside it.

Tilton was sued for fraud by some who had sent in prayer requests in the genuine belief that he would be able to help, and his television show was thrown off the air. Though his ministry still preaches, it never came close to reaching the heights it achieved during his prime. Hargis was a member of a sect called the Restoration Movement and led the Church of the Christian Crusade. For a time, he was also the president of the American Christian Collegebut during this tenure, scandal erupted and destroyed his career.

InTime magazine printed allegations that Hargis had used his position to seduce two members of the college, one male and one female, deflowering them both in the process.

The twist was that the pair were engaged to be marriedwith the ceremony being carried out by Hargis himself. They both found out what had happened to the other on their wedding night, and Hargis promptly resigned from his position as president.

This megachurch pastor is dangerous

He died in Popoff was a big name in faith healing circles in the s, with his television show being broadcast nationally in the United States. The show generally took the form of Popoff calling people out of his audience and apparently using his connection with God to decipher what ailments they suffered before laying his hands on them and providing the cure.

The scam worked for several years in the s, and it made Popoff a very rich man. However, his deeds eventually caught the attention of James Randi and Alexander Jason, who have made a career out of their skepticism. Peter would then call the afflicted onto the stage, feign guessing the issue they were suffering, and help them. Surprisingly, he is still preaching the same messages today, though to a far lesser audience than in his heyday.Today, the most prominent and powerful churches in Atlanta are a collection of massive organizations with significant influence.

Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of New Birth church, dies. His church, New Birth Missionary, grew to political influence in metro Atlanta. Over 30, people make their way to Alpharetta's North Point Community Church and its satellite campuses each week. This outpaces the Atlanta Braves average game attendance 23, by more than 30 percent.

mega church pastors list

They come to hear Andy Stanley's life-oriented, non-denominational message and to experience high production value musical performances and stage design. The modern contemporary music and 21st century approach to worship have affected millennial crossover appeal and grown the North Point brand and the work of Stanley son of famed Dr. The church averages 13, attendants. New Birth Missionary Baptist Churcha Baptist church with Pentecostal theology unique to the denomination was led by senior pastor Eddie Long in Lithonia until his death.

Though the church has deep roots it was founded inits modern history has seen congregations swell from the members, during Long's first days as senior pastor into the more than 12, average weekly attendants in Davis resigns from DeKalb megachurch.

Multiple Georgia locations. Kevin Myers' 12Stone is a multisite church similar to North Point Community Church in the structuring of strategic campuses and shared learning technologies -- there are 12stone church campuses in Gwinnett, Hall and Bartow counties. It is among the fastest growing church organizations in the country, with 10, weekly attendees.

Support real journalism. Support local journalism. Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today. See offers. Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations that keep you informed. Thank you for supporting real journalism.

By Adam Kincaid. Terence Avery Green, 48, was on duty March 4 when he was killed in what a Fulton police assistant chief called an ambush-style attack. Republican presidential candidate Dr. Photo: Branden Camp. Long became pastor of the church in The main campus at 12Stone on Buford Drive and its Duluth location were vandalized two weeks apart. Photo: Sandra Parrish. County By County.The special issue includes practical and inspirational features on retention and assimilation that could help your church grow, what you can learn from the biggest churches and fastest growing churches, and wisdom from these mega church, large church, and medium church pastors.

We minister to more than 30, people in weekly attendance with campuses across the state of Alabama. Our story begins with the dream of planting a church with a simple goal: help people connect with God in a church without letting structures and programs get in the way. We were founded with the vision of creating churches that unchurched people love to attend.

Since our inception, we have grown from one church to six in metro Atlanta and have developed a global network of more than 30 strategic partner churches.

We are all about people because God is all about people. We express our love for him through our love for people, and we do that by helping each person grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Crossroads is for anyone seeking God--from those exploring whether or not God even exists, to committed Christ-followers. We present biblical truths and show how they apply to our everyday lives. It is our mission to win people to Christ, train believers to become disciples and send disciples to impact the world. Serving is a great way to get involved in the CCV community. We have opportunities for every age and interest.

We are passionate about family, friendships and finding our calling. This is a family, and a place to call home. Our mission is to provide a place where the depressed, the hurting and hopeless can come and find help. We want to be a place of family, community and hope. Christ Fellowship is a multiethnic congregation gathering across nine locations in South Florida, with more than 26, in attendance each week and over 50, joining online.

We were founded on this conviction: People matter to God; therefore they matter to us. God bridged the unfathomable chasm between his holiness and our sin-stained humanity through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. Luke tells us, "The Son of Man [Jesus] came to seek and to save the lost. We believe that worship opens our hearts to see the evidence of God's presence all around us.

Worship lets us celebrate God's faithfulness and show our gratitude for his work in our lives.Blessing, Forgiving and giving Sermon. Ministry is often referred to as the highest calling among the faithful, and can also be the most lucrative. Here we break down a list of 10 men of the cloth that can line their wallets with silk.

All figures are based on personal assets and income as stated by personal and observed disclosures. The tax laws in most countries attribute certain assets to the religious organization and not the individual at the head, so not all assets may be accounted for.

Top 100 Largest Churches in America

Born to a Sikh priest and previously employed as an IT consultant, his unlikely career has garnered a grand following worldwide from his native Malaysia to the United States. This popularity is partially thanks to such friends as Joel Osteen of Lakewood Megachurch who has hosted a number of his sermons. One of the most internet savvy of the pastors listed, Prince also has a online video and podcast with a following from over countries.

Considered a Prophet by most of his congregation, Joshua has a unique and notable influence in his native country of Nigeria. While primarily preaching from his home city of Lagos, Nigeria, Joshua has over 1.

There has been ongoing controversy regarding his claims to deliver people from possession, and there are 3 reported deaths in the U. These were reported to be cases where the individuals refused life lengthening AIDS medication and instead relied on prayer for survival. Born in and educated in Anthropology and Biblical Studies by the Trinity Bible College in Florida State, he has been a presence for many historic events of the past two generations.

From bailing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr out of jail during the fight for Civil Rights, to directly writing and supporting Nixon during the Vietnam war, he has always been quite political minded. This fact has no doubt helped his following, with an estimated audience of around 2. Best known for his messages about prosperity and abundance, it appears Copeland can reference quite a bit of firsthand experience.

Copeland has had a lifelong love for flying as well, which allowed him after conversion to become the personal pilot of Oral Roberts before starting his own ministry and owning his own private jet admittedly paid for by church donations.

With Dollar in his name, was there any doubt this pastor would appear on such a list? To make matters worse, Dollar was arrested in for allegedly attacking his own daughter but the charges were dropped after agreements to join anger management groups. Enoch Adejare Adeboye began his career in preaching while still maintaining a professorship at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. It appears his Ph. With 14, branches in Nigeria alone, it seems he has done so for at least one country.

Benny Hinn is perhaps the most openly controversial of any American Televangelist. Regardless of this shady financial situation he continues to have a solid fellowship in both Canada and the United States. Followers of his teachings believe that if they are prayed over, they can be healed of any malady. Among his many luxury possessions is a Gulfstream G4 jet.

He also owns three separate television channels that garner up to 2. As an interesting aside, as of South Africa is considering a warrant for his arrest if Oyakhilome and his organizations do not become more financially transparent.

mega church pastors list

Jakes is a common face on many national broadcast stations. Jakes has also been seen with both Presidents Bush during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath and Obama leading a morning church service in who have both commented on his faithful intents and actions. This is particularly notable, as both his Bachelor and Masters of Arts degree came from an unaccredited institution, Friends International Christian University. Though he does make a sizable yearly sum as a pastor, most of his wealth has originated in sales of his gospel music for which he has won at least one Grammy awardbooks and numerous syndicated appearances.

As it turns out, T.Forbes richest pastor in the world is based information, not on speculations. Though some people say setting up a Christian ministry today, is for nothing but financial gain. David Oyedepo born on 27th September is the top on my list of richest pastor in the world. He was given birth to at Omuaran in kwara state Nigeria, married to pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo and they have four children together.

According to Forbes, he is also the richest pastor in Africahis wealth is generated from his assets which includes two universities, several Christian books he has written, a water producing company called hebron etc to mention but a few.

Also Read: The list of top 20 wealthiest people in the world. Thomas Dexter Jakes is the second on my list of top 20 richest pastor in the world. He is married to Serita Jakes and they have children together. He is a pastor, author, singer and filmmaker.

He has written a lot of books to his name, some of which are best sellers.

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This clergyman has spread the gospel to a lot of people and people are even saying he is the next Billy Graham. He is a televangelist, media mogul, executive chairman and politician.

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He was born march 22 nd in Lexington Virginia. This pastor owes his fortune to his numerous participants in companies and organizations, Pastor Pat has a private university called Regent University created in He was born on September 6 th in Masvingo Zimbabwe and he has British nationality.

He is married to Berverly Angel. He is a ministry founder, televangelist and a businessman altogether. Pastor Angel is the founder and CEO of the Angel Organizationhe is also the founder of the Free Earth Humanitarian Organisation which works to ensure that less privileged people have their basic need to meet a living.

Also Read: The top 10 largest churches in Nigeria today. He is a pastor, television host and an author, was married to Reverend Anita Ebhodagbe and they have two children together. He is also among the richest pastor in the world; he was born 7 th December in Edo state Nigeria.

He is an Israeli televangelist, an author and a speaker. He is known worldwide for his miracle crusades, revival meetings and faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities and rebroadcasted to everyone. He is married to Victoria Osteen and they have two children. He is an American televangelist whose sermons are televised and seen by over 7 million viewers weekly and over 20 million monthly in over countries. This man of God is also an author and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church Services.

He is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he is a pastor and a professor of mathematics. Pastor Adeboye popularly called Daddy G.This is a list of the largest megachurches in the United States with an attendance of more than 2, weekly. According to that data, approximately 50 churches on the list have attendance ranging from 10, to 47, When it has more than 10, people who gather together, the term gigachurch is sometimes used. As the term megachurch in common parlance refers to Protestant congregations, although there are some Catholic Church parishes which would meet the criteria, they are not listed.

St Ann's in Coppell, Texaswould be near the top, with almost 30, registered parishioners.

These Are The Forbes Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World And Their Networth Right Now

Membership numbers of the following churches give only a very rough indication of size. They vary from year to year.

mega church pastors list

Also, some churches report typical Sunday attendance while others report the number who are listed in church records or make financial contributions, which may be higher. Some of the larger churches are multi-site churches. Many churches deliver their message through television or other media, sometimes reaching much higher numbers than those who physically attend the church.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of megachurches. Wikipedia list article. This article's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. August This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. The governments of Louisville and surrounding Jefferson County merged inbut Middletown and the 82 other cities apart from Louisville in Jefferson County retained separate city limits and some governmental powers. The church long maintained a Lexington mailing address, but now has a Nicholasville mailing address. Southland opened a new satellite campus in Lexington in Retrieved Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

Archived from the original on Ann Catholic Parish".

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Outreach Magazine Texas Monthly. Retrieved 18 July Archived from the original PDF on Record Searchlight. Archived from the original on September 24, About Calvary. Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC. Calvary Church. Pearson, Jr. List is based on data from Accessed August 19,


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