Vax instruction

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Vax instruction

In computer engineeringan orthogonal instruction set is an instruction set architecture where all instruction types can use all addressing modes. It is " orthogonal " in the sense that the instruction type and the addressing mode vary independently. An orthogonal instruction set does not impose a limitation that requires a certain instruction to use a specific register [1] so there is little overlapping of instruction functionality. Orthogonality was considered a major goal for processor designers in the s, and the VAX is often used as the benchmark for this concept.

However, the introduction of RISC design philosophies in the s significantly reversed the trend against more orthogonality. At their core, all general purpose computers work in the same underlying fashion; data stored in a main memory is read by the central processing unit CPU into a fast temporary memory e.

CPU registersacted on, and then written back to main memory. Memory consists of a collection of data values, encoded as numbers [a] and referred to by their addressesalso a numerical value.

This means the same operations applied to the data can be applied to the addresses themselves. Registers are used, for example, when adding up strings of numbers into a total. In early computers, the instruction set architecture ISA often used a single register, in which case it was known as the accumulator. Instructions included an address for the operand.

vax instruction

For instance, an ADD address instruction would cause the CPU to retrieve the number in memory found at that address and then add it to the value already in the accumulator. This very simple example ISA has a "one-address format" because each instruction includes the address of the data.

One-address machines have the disadvantage that even simple actions like an addition require multiple instructions, each of which takes up scarce memory, [c] and requires time to be read.

In this case, the program would have to load the value 5 into the accumulator with the LOAD address instruction, use the ADD address instruction pointing to the address for the 4, and finally SAVE address to store the result, 9, back to another memory location. Further improvements can be found by providing the address of both of the operands in a single instruction, for instance, ADD address 1address 2.

Such "two-address format" ISAs are very common. One can further extend the concept to a "three-address format" where the SAVE is also folded into an expanded ADD address 1address 2address of result. It is often the case that the basic computer word is much larger than needed to hold just the instruction and an address, and in most systems, there are leftover bits that can be used to hold a constant instead of an address.

Instructions can be further improved if they allow any one of the operands to be replaced by a constant. Further complexity arises when one considers common patterns in which memory is accessed. One very common pattern is that a single operation may be applied across a large amount of similar data.

For instance, one might want to add up 1, numbers. In a simple two-address format of instructions, [d] there is no way to change the address, so 1, additions have to be written in the machine language.

ISAs fix this problem with the concept of indirect addressingin which the address of the next point of data is not a constant, but itself held in memory. This means the programmer can change the address by performing addition on that memory location.

ISAs also often include the ability to offset an address from an initial location, by adding a value held in one of its registers, in some cases a special index register. Others carry out this addition automatically as part of the instructions that use it.

The variety of addressing modes leads to a profusion of slightly different instructions.

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Many ISAs also have registers that can be used for addressing as well as math tasks. This can be used in a one-address format if a single address register is used. In this case, a number of new modes become available:. Orthogonality is the principle that every instruction should be able to use any supported addressing mode.

In this example, if the direct addressing version of ADD is available, all the others should be as well.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Vax uses cookies to make our websites and services work better for you, and by continuing you accept this. Remove the wand from the handheld. Drop a ball of paper down the wand to check for blockages.

If the paper gets stuck, use a long thin item, such as a broom handle to push any obstructions through the wand.

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Vax VX24 Instructions For Use Manual

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vax instruction

Need Help?Also See for V Instruction manual - 6 pages. Page of 17 Go. Table of Contents. Vax V Range. Page 2 Tool caddy Carry handle Cord wrap Page 3: Safety Information Fig.

Page 4 Vax V Range. Left clip On Tool caddy 2.

Vax Rapide Classic V-026CC Instruction Manual

Do not oversaturate carpet with cleaning solution while using the carpet washer. Page 6 Vax V Range. Replace the cap.

vax instruction

Page 7: How To Operate The treated areas should be left for 10 to 15 minutes. For heavy stains, mild agitation may be used. Note: Do not over wet carpets.

Note: Once your carpets have been pre-treated, rinse the clean water tank and clean your carpets with Vax AAA Carpet Cleaner as directed.

Pour into clean water tank. Using other cleaning solutions may cause excess foaming. Excessive foam will cause the float to shut off the carpet washer prematurely. Page 9 Vax V Range. Page 10 Cleaner.

Vax Power Revive Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner-CCMBPNV1T1

Other solutions may generate excessive foam which will cause the float to rise prematurely and shut off the suction. A higher concentration of carpet cleaner may cause excessive foaming. Page 11 Vax V Range. To Fig. Cause: The carpet washer needs a service. Page Technical Specification Vax Careline. Calls are charged at the UK national rate. Please make a note of the serial number and model number of the carpet cleaner before calling.

For the nearest Service Agent, please call the Vax Careline. Page 14 Vax V Range. Page 15 Vax V Range.Page of 11 Go. Table of Contents. Located on the base of the machine. Note these down in case you need them in future. Please keep instructions for further use. Located on the base of the machine — Vax recommends that your filters body away from openings and moving parts.

If your filters are Page 4: Operation Fig. Page 5 The power switch controls the vacuum motor. Press on warm tap water. For best results use only Vax Solution. Vax recommends checking the filters everytime Replace top of dirty water tank by pressing it into place the dirty water tank is emptied. Page 8 Make sure the tank is securely locked in place. Cause: Solution tank empty. Solution: Refill tank.

Cause: Handle not fitted correctly. Solution: Ensure handle is fitted correctly. Vax Service line vax. Page 9: Technical Specification Monday-Friday 8.The Vax Platinum Power Max is designed to make cleaning your carpets as effective and efficient as possible and this guide will help you get the most out of your machine.

Remember to check the safety guidelines in the user guide before using your Platinum Power Max for the first time. Run the carpet washer over a small hidden area. If no damage or pile distortion occurs continue cleaning. Working its magic deep down in the fibres of your carpet, your Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner will help to remove stains and make your floor coverings fluffy, clean and pleasantly fragrant.

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Tip: always plan your route. For best practice, start in the far corner and work your way back to the door. Before you go any further, take this opportunity to check your carpet for marks and stains.

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You have arrived at carpet perfection. Return to VAX. Search for:. Tags: around the homeCarpetsfloorshome. Getting started Before using the Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner, there are several things you can do to prepare for a proper carpet clean. Clear the area as much as possible, so you can navigate quickly and easily around your home. Have a quick vacuum around the area before you begin carpet washing to remove any surface debris, as this will help prevent your carpet cleaner from getting clogged.

Fill the clean water tank on your carpet cleaner with warm water max 40 o c and cleaning solution. We recommend the Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution, our best performing carpet washer solution. Pre-treatment Before you go any further, take this opportunity to check your carpet for marks and stains.

Put Vax Pre-treatment Solution in the clean water tank. Plug in the wand and turn the machine on. The wand will produce a fine spray to put on the mark or stain. Leave this on your carpet for 15 minutes and then begin your full carpet wash. Carpet washing Switch you carpet cleaner on. Move slowly forward with it, holding down the trigger. As you do so, the cleaning solution is released into the pile and the rotating brush bar agitates the fibres, providing deep down cleaning.

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To leave your carpets as dry as possible, use more dry passes pulling back with trigger released than wet passes. Empty out the water tanks in your carpet cleaner and put it away safely for next time. Tags :. Bookmark the permalink.

Previous Post. Next Post. Preparing for Spring Cleaning this weekend but still want some quality family bonding time?Page of 16 Go. Table of Contents. Steam Fresh Combi.

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Total home pro multi-function steam cleaner 13 pages. Duet master 2 in 1 stick steam and handheld cleaner 12 pages. Page 2: Let's Talk Safety Do not use this steam mop with a damaged cord or plug.

Please make note of the serial Page 7: Using Your Machine Filling detergent tank To remove the detergent Twist the detergent tank Pour 50ml of Vax detergent tank press both release cap anti-clockwise and lift and ml of water into the buttons and pull to release Only use the carpet glider when refreshing carpets and turn the detergent dial to OFF. Using the handheld steamer Lift the handheld release Remove water tank and When using the handheld always attach the concentration button and gently pull the refill before use nozzle or hose.

Allow to cool to room temperature. Emptying the water tank Press the water tank Pull the tab on the water The condition of the filter affects the performance of your machine, check and change filter periodically. If you live in an area of hard water the filter will discolour or darken over time. Please make a note of the serial number and model number of the vacuum cleaner before calling. Careline AU: www. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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Orthogonal instruction set

Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.It was succeeded by the VAX family in The E Box executed all instructions, including floating-point instructions through microcode. It had an arithmetic logic unit ALU and barrel shifter. The F Box, or floating point accelerator FPAis an optional feature that accelerates floating-point instructions as well as integer multiplication and division.

It is a two-module set consisting of an adder module and multiplier module. The adder module contains 24 macrocell arrays while the multiplier module contains The I Box fetches and decodes instructions.

They were packaged in pin leadless chip carriers or pin grid arrays and were mounted onto the printed circuit board in sockets or were soldered in place. These ICs were spread out over 17 modules plugged into a backplane. Modules with larger capacities were introduced later.

The memory is controlled by the M Box, which also provides the memory array bus used to access the memory. This dedicated bus, which has an 80 ns With two SBIs, they have a total bandwidth of Unibus and Massbus are also supported, provided by adapters that plug into the SBI. The CPU had a 55 ns cycle time Code-named " Nautilus ", this is the high-end model in the VAX family.

VAX, and The upgrade kit includes replacement numbers affixed to the front of the machine to reflect the new designation. It is upgradable to a VAX The VAXcode-named " Flounder ", is a lower-performance variant of the VAXwith microcode used to insert nops during operation to limit performance.

It was introduced in early March Polarstar is a variant of Nautilus with one to four processors and an updated console processor. Models include the:.

The majority of the ECL devices are macrocell arrays with 1, logic gateswhile the general-purpose registers and floating-point units are custom logic devices developed by Digital. The memory array modules are installed in a dedicated backplane separate from the NMI backplane. The memory system consists of three major parts, a memory controllera transistor-transistor logic TTL bus and one to eight memory array modules.

It implements a TTL bus to which memory array modules are connected. The RTI's programmable 24 bit peripheral interface PPI is configured as three 8-bit ports for data, address, and control signals between the Nautilus system console interface and the VAX console.

The console's primary function is to bootstrap the system. The Nautilus family of processors has no non-volatile memory.


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