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Contact Us. Welcome to the Stanislaus National Forest, where you can fish in over miles of rivers and streams, stay in a campground, or hike into the backcountry seeking pristine solitude.

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You can swim near a sandy beach or wade into cold clear streams cooling your feet while lost in the beauty of nature, raft the exciting Tuolumne River, or canoe one of the many gorgeous lakes. You can ride a horse, a mountain bike or a snowmobile. During the gold rush, the area that would become the Stanislaus National Forest was a busy place, occupied by miners and other immigrants, homesteaders and ranchers, dam builders and loggers.

Several railroads were constructed to haul logs out of the woods. Evidence of these activities still exist. During your visit to the National Forest you may encounter archeological and historic sites and artifacts.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, each artifact and site, no matter how seemingly insignificant, helps tell the heritage story. Please help preserve these remnants of our past by not disturbing or harming them.

Located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, the Forest landscape is a continuum of natural and scenic beauty that defines the Sierra. Amid soaring crests, sparkling mountain lakes, towering forests, and canyons carved by cool rushing rivers, visitors discover connections with nature and the spirit of the Sierra Nevada. A mere two hour drive from the Great Central Valley and three hours from the San Francisco Bay Area, makes the Forest a very popular destination place.

The mountains were shaped by volcanic and glacial action, producing rugged and spectacular topography at high elevations. Each elevation, from 1, to over 11, feet above sea level, has its own unique vegetation, wildlife, and corresponding temperatures.

Here you will find Sierra mixed conifer, true fir, lodge pole pine and sub alpine vegetation. Bald eagle, peregrine falcon and wolverine have all been reported on the Forest. Highway 4 is a designated Scenic Byway, Highways and have the potential to become designated. Each highway corridor represents a unique interpretive and education opportunity from giant sequoias to wild rivers.

The Forest is rich in the legacies of Native Americans, European settlers, mining and over years of Forest Service administration.

The Forest is the ancestral home to the Miwok who moved with the seasons and through the landscape of the Sierra for thousands of years. The Gold Rush of further altered the landscape of the Sierra as water impoundments and ditches were constructed to supply water to the mining camps. By the turn of the 20th century, railroads enabled wide-scale harvesting of trees in the region. Through time, activities such as logging, grazing, mining and recreation have become regulated by Forest administration.

Today, the Forest is managed for multiple uses and currently recreation including camping, fishing, boating, OHV riding, hiking, etc.

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Campground sites are available for 7, people at one time and each year 1, acre feet of water can be stored in reservoirs throughout the Forest. A cherished and accessible overnight destination, the Forest offers a full range of year-round recreation opportunities. The network of trans-Sierra highways, forest roads and trails encourages discovery of nature and history, creating family traditions and lifetime memories. Opportunities abound for visitors to expand their understanding of the natural world and to strengthen their connection to the land, now and for the future.

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The Best Time to Visit Stanislaus National Forest, the United States for Weather, Safety, & Tourism

Site Map. About the Region.North to east winds of 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph are possible this weekend into Monday morning. The strongest winds are expected Saturday night through Sunday. Poor humidity recovery is expected during this time frame as well, with daytime humidities ranging from ten to twenty percent. Maximum overnight humidity will be between fifteen to forty percent.

Higher humidity recovery is expected in the Central Valley. The combination of wind, low humidity and hot conditions could result in critical fire weather conditions which may impact ongoing wildfires.

Numerous wildfires are already occurring. Extreme fire safety precautions should be exercised to prevent any additional fires. Additionally, the Air Quality Alerts issued by the Mariposa County and Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control Districts remains in effect for both counties, due to the smoke impacts from surrounding wildfires.

Exposure to particle pollution can cause serious health problems, aggravate lung disease, cause asthma attacks and acute bronchitis and increase the risk of respiratory infections. Residents are advised to use caution as conditions warrant. Additionally, older adults and children should avoid prolonged exposure, strenuous activities or heavy exertion as conditions dictate.

Our Forests

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Please support us by subscribing or making a contribution. The U. Forest Service has eased fire restrictions in the Stanislaus National Forest and 10 other national forests in California to allow the use of propane and gas stoves in developed recreation sites only starting Thursday.

Outside of developed recreation sites, fire restrictions remain in effect at all elevations in the Stanislaus National Forest. That means no campfires, no propane stoves, no gel-fuel stoves, no smoking materials, and no other ignition sources are allowed, except in developed recreation sites. Developed recreation sites are defined as areas that have been improved or developed for recreation, such as campgrounds and day use sites, Diana Fredlund with the Stanislaus National Forest said Wednesday.

Propane and gas stoves and other ignition sources remain prohibited in dispersed camping and wilderness camping areas in the Stanislaus National Forest. Seven national forests in California remain closed.

Keeping those forests closed is a decision that will continue to be reviewed daily, taking fire and weather conditions into account, U.

Our aim continues to prevent any new fires on the landscape. The federally-managed Stanislaus National Forest covers 1, square miles, which include 42 percent of the land in Tuolumne County and 11 percent of the land in Calaveras County. A list of open campgrounds in the Stanislaus National Forest is at www. Contact Guy McCarthy at gmccarthy uniondemocrat. Follow him on Twitter at GuyMcCarthy.

Sign Up. Log In. Purchase a Subscription. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content.Swim near a sandy beach or wade into cold clear streams cooling your feet while lost in the beauty of nature, raft the exciting Tuolumne River, or canoe one of the many gorgeous lakes. Ride a horsea mountain bikesnowmobileor an off-highway vehicle. Wild and Scenic River designation allows for rivers to be preserved in a free-flowing state, protecting water quality and scenic beauty.

Enjoyable and challenging whitewater rafting runs are available in spring and summer. The Stanislaus National Forest has many lakes and reservoirs for the swimmer and boat enthusiast.

Cherry and Beardsley are well-suited for motorized boats and water-skiing. The smaller lakes such as Lake Alpine and Pinecrest are more suitable for sailboats and canoes. The pristine and dramatic scenery in the Wilderness Areas is a backdrop to outstanding hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding opportunities.

Winter provides a whole new realm of recreation opportunities on the Stanislaus National Forest. Whether your idea of winter fun is skiing, snow play or, snowmobiling, the Stanislaus National Forest has many areas for winter sports. Awaiting discovery in the hollows, mountains and river valleys of our National Forest are the remnants of past cultures that confront us and remind us of the centuries-old relationship between people and the land.

These heritage resources hold clues to past ecosystems, add richness and depth to our landscapes, provide links to living traditions, and help transform a beautiful walk in the woods into an unforgettable encounter with history. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere velit aliquet.

Donate Today. Hike the Trail of the Gargoyles. This scenic 1. Excellent wildflower site in June. Brochures are available at the Summit Ranger Station. On Herring Creek Rd. CaliforniaNevada. Research campground locations and amenities at the U. National Forest Campground Directory. The Web site is full of pictures and detailed descriptions to help you plan your next trip. If you want to experience a guided recreation trip in a National Forest, visit Adventure Vacation to learn about whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, camping, hiking and fishing trips.

Visit the National Forest Store to see what maps are available for this Forest and others you may want to visit. More than 1 million acres are in need of reforestation. Plant trees now to support forests for future generations. It is named for the Stanislaus River whose headwaters rise within Forest boundaries. You Can Help Donate Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam.

Maps: Visit the National Forest Store to see what maps are available for this Forest and others you may want to visit. Plant Trees Now No Thanks.Contact Us. This winter a series of strong storms hit California, causing extensive damage to roads, trails, infrastructure and ecosystems on California's national forests.

This map will help you determine where road damage has occurred and how it might impact your plans to visit the national forest. The map shows the damage of which we are aware.

While the map is linked directly to the Forest Service database and is kept as current as possible, please contact your local Forest Service office for the most complete and up-to-date information on road damage.

Please be aware of these alerts and notices because many unexpected situations can present difficult challenges for forest visitors. Before venturing out, contact the nearest Forest Service office for recent information on alerts, advisories, notices and closures.

Please contact your local Forest Service office for the most complete and up-to-date information on road and trail damage or closures. Subscribe to this feed. Contact s : Diana Fredlund. View the forest order and accompanying map. This order is effective from Sept.

This Order is effective from June 15, through June 15, View the forest order. National Visitor Use Monitoring in the Pinecrest Basin indicates that 10, - 15, visits may be made to this area during busy summer days. Additional limitations will be placed on permitted uses to reduce overall visitor density in this area. View the forest order, closed and limited parking areas and accompanying maps.

This Order will prohibit campfires outside of open, developed Forest recreation sites; limit areas for smoking; and limit the operation of internal combustion engines. This Forest Order will be in effect from May 28, through November 30, This Order is effective from May 16,through May 31, View the closure order and exhibit. This Order is effective from May 1,through May 15, Entering or using a Developed Recreation Site or portion thereof, except trailheads.

STf is a continuation of Forest Order No STF, which was issued for the same purposes and intent, but is due to expire as of April 30, This order will be in effect from today's date until May 15, and may be extended until Executive Order N is lifted. Conversely, if conditions change that are favorable to opening some roads and areas, the order may be terminated sooner. The road is now open again to the public.

During the winter ofthe Stanislaus National Forest experienced significant snowfall, followed by a series of heavy rain events. As a result, winter flooding caused damage to several roads on the STF, including a 2. Damage occurred in 6 distinct locations from an area known as the quarry near the junction of FSR 4N88 to Sand Bar Flat Campground, a small, unit recreation facility located on the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River at the road terminus.

View closure order and accompanying map. View More Alerts. Public access is prohibited in all areas of the forest, including campgrounds, day use areas, wilderness areas, trails and forest roads through Sept. This order is a continuation of STF, issued July 24, View the closure order and list of closed recreation sites. This order is a continuation of STF, issued July 1, STF to provide for public and employee health and safety by keeping some developed recreation sites on the Stanislaus National Forest closed through July 15, View the forest order and list of open recreation sites.

This Order is effective from June 12,through June 30, View the closure order and list of open recreation sites.Contact Us.

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Although our front desks are closed to the public, you may contact our ranger districts with your questions. Please do not call the Stanislaus Dispatch with recreation questions.

Dispatch is for fire emergencies only.

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Follow CDC guidance on personal hygiene and social distancing before and during your visit to the forest. Updated Oct.

Fire restrictions remain in effect at all elevations on the Stanislaus National Forest. There were no additional revisions to the new regional fire restrictions; visitors are authorized to use propane and gas stoves in developed recreation sites only. Developed recreation sites are defined as areas which have been improved or developed for recreation, such as campgrounds and day use sites.

Stoves remain prohibited in all dispersed camping and wilderness areas on the Stanislaus National Forest. Updated Sept.

Alerts & Notices

Be aware that campfires and campstoves are not authorized anywhere on the forest. Know where your permitted zones are before you travel to the forest. View forest map and hunting zones note there is no hunting allowed in Yosemite National Park. The current forest order outlines authorized activities on the forest based on the three fire hazard zones normally in use for fire restrictions. View the forest order and map for hazard area locations.

For an explanation of what is prohibited and authorized by the forest order, read our Forest Order Fact Sheet. Get answers about fire restrictions, closures and how hunting is impacted during this regional closure by reading our regional FAQ s. Most of California remains under the threat of unprecedented and dangerous fire conditions with a combination of extreme heat, significant wind events, dry conditions, and firefighting resources that are stretched to the limit.

Air quality is directly related to the amount of smoke in the air and prevailing winds. Currently the Stanislaus National Forest and surrounding communities are experiencing periods of unhealthy air quality. Before traveling to the forest, visitors are encouraged to check on any active fires in the area at inciweb. In addition, due to the many active fires you may find very smoky conditions across the forest, so we recommend you check the local air quality at www.

Finally, many visitors are not practicing good stewardship and are not taking all their trash with them when they leave. If you find that trash dumpsters are full, please take your trash bags with you and dispose of them at home, or in a dumpster or trash can that isn't overflowing. Updated Aug.

Sourgrass Recreation Area and Jeep Trail - 2019

Read some important info about water sources before you head to the back country in the drop-down section titled Wilderness Permits below.

While visiting the forest, stay alert for any fire conditions and be prepared to react quickly if you are contacted by firefighters. Do your part and help keep our forest healthy! Updated July 23, Are you looking for a Stanislaus National Forest map during our virtual services? Learn more about other online map tools. Many people enjoy the solitude and primitive experience of camping away from developed campgrounds and other campers.

Dispersed camping means no services like trash removal, and few or no facilities such as tables and fire pits, are provided. Dispersed camping takes a lot more effort than camping in a developed campground, but for those with an adventurous spirit, it can be a lot of fun. The fire restrictions are in effect for all elevations on the forest, including wilderness areas, and remain in effect through Nov. Human-caused ignitions are a significant fire management challenge for the forest and unintentional human-caused ignitions far outnumber intentional ones.

In California, over the past 10 years, escaped campfires ignited 25 percent of all wildfires. Reducing the number of these starts will best enable us to successfully suppress the fires that do occur while protecting the safety of our employees and the community. Always remember—it's not just firefighters who are at risk during fire operations in this time of COVID—you shouldn't have to move to an evacuation center where your risk increases as the number of people increases.The best times to visit Stanislaus National Forest for ideal weather are.

Read below for more weather and travel details. Average temperatures in Stanislaus National Forest vary drastically. Considering humidity, temperatures feel cold for most of the year with a very low chance of rain or snow throughout the year. The area is less temperate than some — in the 37th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. Weeks with ideal weather are listed above. See average monthly temperatures below. Higher temperatures affect us much more at higher humidity, and colder temperatures feel piercing with high winds.

Our perceived temperatures factor in humidity and wind chill to better represent how hot or cold the day feels to a person. Daily highs averaged for the month usually give the best indication of the weather.

A significantly lower mean and low generally just means it gets colder at night. The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around early May. For example, on the week of April 30th there are no days of precipitation on average.

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When can you find snow in Stanislaus National Forest? Weather stations report no annual snow. Please note that a value of 0 for snow in the graph below may either mean there was no snowor that snow is unreported. Stanislaus National Forest has some comfortably humid months, and dry months in the opposite season. The least humid month is June Wind in Stanislaus National Forest is usually calm. The windiest month is May, followed by April and June.

Our best data indicates this area is generally safe. As of Oct 07, there are no travel advisories or warnings for the United States; exercise normal security precautions. Check this page for any recent changes or regions to avoid: Travel Advice and Advisories.


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